Mind behind the sensational Content on Internet – Daksh Gandhi, Founder and Marketing Expert for a leading online content Productions.


Daksh Gandhi Productions are Social Media sensations. Building or Connecting with Millions of Subscribers or Followers online, was not a big task for marketing expert like him, with experience of more than 10 Years.

Some of his Production house Pages like DELICIOUS FOOD on Facebook have taken the food recipes or Kitchen concepts by storm –whether it’s the Kitchen unique ideas or Kitchen hacks, the page is in top viewed charts on Facebook.

His Productions on Facebook page like DELICIOUS FOOD, features videos of Kitchen tips to Cooking recipes, serving up an array of appetizing recipes, and experiments with various culinary gadgets. These videos are gaining millions of views and are loved throughout the social media portals.

Daksh Gandhi quartet started off by marketing small school projects to sponsors in return of School Fest Funds and helping friends in school/college to market their projects. That Inspire him to be in marketing, and later he made big pages on Facebook, and his marketing skill and the uniqueness of content, made it reach millions of followers on the many video-sharing website, and counting.

He thinks at the heart of it, we have the same as so many creators to do, which is passion for creation and reaching the right audience through many promotional activities and digital strategies. But beyond that, what we have is the friendship with content creation.

“Daksh Gandhi who’s been marketing his content also looks for new people to join the team to build the audience and make the market presence more effective, & he quite often come back to audience who have unique taste buds to estimate new angle to the video creation to the viewers to reach more people.


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