Astrologer Mayur Joshi got the title of “Super Indians” by Bollywood Superstar Govinda

Mayur Joshi, a 30-year-old professional astrologer from Vadodara, Gujarat, received the prestigious “Super Indian” award on February 26, 2023, at an event hosted by Bharat 24 Channel in Jodhpur. Govinda, a Bollywood superstar, served as the event’s chief guest, along with several other dignitaries from the fields of politics, business, and entertainment.

Mayur Joshi, the founder of Manvi Astrology Foundation, has been assisting people for a number of years with his astrological predictions and vastu remedies. He is the third generation of astrologers in his family, carrying on the tradition of astrology. Mayur has assisted tens of thousands of people with his precise predictions and straightforward remedies.

Mayur Joshi is not only an expert in astrology, but also a social worker who assisted many people during the pandemic. He is a shining example of how astrology can be used to improve people’s lives and bring them happiness.

The accomplishments and contributions of Mayur Joshi to the field of astrology have not gone unnoticed. At the event, Bollywood superstar Govinda, who is himself a believer in astrology, bestowed upon Mayur the title of “Super Indian.” Mayur was honoured for his efforts to promote Indian astrology and spirituality on a global scale.

The event was organised by Bharat 24 Channel, and several other dignitaries were in attendance, including Manoj Kumar Tiwari, an Indian politician, singer, and actor serving as a Member of Parliament, Badri Ram Jakhar, a former member of the Indian parliament, and His Highness Gaj Singh ji, the former Maharaja of Jodhpur. Mayur’s devotion and dedication to his work are an inspiration to many, and his accomplishments are a source of national pride.

Mayur Joshi’s recognition as a “Super Indian” is a well-deserved honour, and it serves as a reminder that hard work, dedication, and passion for one’s work can result in great success and recognition. Mayur is a shining example of how astrology can be used to improve people’s lives, and his contributions to the field of astrology will continue to inspire future generations of astrologers.

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