Vipany Group calls for a stringent action against cyber fraudsters

Vipany ( is an organization built by high profiled professionals from the Talent Industry. This organization was founded by Mr. Prashanth Gundla and Mr. Sudhakar Kolavennu and has been running successfully for 8 ½ years. We are a B2B, serving more than 500 clients globally in the Talent Intelligence and Acquisition domain. We hold reputed clients from IT, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Pharma etc., and we thank our clients for trusting us and help us grow to the stage that we are today.

Today, we have been receiving information through social media about the cyber fraud by tampering our Company name “Vipany”. We condemn this act by fraudsters very seriously. We have come across multiple complaints via social media and other platforms that the individuals have lost money. It looks like, it is a modus operandi of few fraudsters tricking people into jobs and syphoning money. 

We have received multiple complaints by individuals in the last one week claiming our involvement. We are a pure B2B Company and have established credibility with large MNC clients. Acting in good faith and regarding the safety of our citizens we would like to inform through this media announcement that everyone should be cautious with these kinds of fraudulent acts. Vipany is not and will not be responsible for any kind of damage that has been caused by these fraudulent acts. We request all victims of the fraudulent acts not to tarnish our image but instead reach out the cyber-crime police for justice. We have lodged a complaint with cyber-crime police, Hyderabad and respective social media platforms and initiated an appropriate legal action.

Vipany is an organization with high level of ethics and integrity does not involve into any kind of commercial transaction with individuals. We do business directly with our clients, not through any individuals on any social media platforms. We sincerely empathise with the victims through this scam. However, we are not liable for such kind of action by anybody.

About Vipany Group (

Vipany was conceptualized with indigenous and unparalleled thought of redefining the human resource industry and addressing talent enigma with the Tech & Touch initiative.

Vipany has set a new benchmark in the competitive world of talent acquisition through its assiduously conceptualized talent services. We examine macro to micro aspect of businesses to perform precise research and create a sustainable inflow of suitable talents for organisation.

Our core values drive us to redefine the organizational recruitment process backed by data, research, experience & concepts. Our recruitment approach enables us to implement ethical and productive industry’s best practices.

Every organisation is unique and so is their talent requirement. That’s the reason therefore, we deploy customized strategies for every business case. Our customized talent mobilization strategies for our clients makes us one of the leading talent acquisition firms in India.

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