The Man behind Myokiddo Mobile Specs- best and economical solution for Myopia management

A Sk Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan about Myopia management in young children, and the renowned Optometrist from Mumbai, India, will introduce you to his most dynamic invention – Myokiddo Mobile Specs. The 360 Bifocal Spectacle lens – MyoKiddo is ready to dispense spectacle for myopia control. It is one of a kind personalised eye care plan that parents are looking for their children aged 5 years to 18 years suffering from near-sightedness. MyoKiddo glasses are available online and in optical shops as well as ophthalmologists near you.

As a parent, it is essential to remember that if you are myopic, then it is likely that your child will be suffering from the same problem. This can lead to limitation in mobility, work, and overall poor quality of life. According to Dr Chandrashekhar, a Scleral lens, Orthokeratology and Myopia Control Consultant, Optometrist & Ocularist. using Myokiddo Mobile specs for only a few hours every day can manage kid’s myopia progression, especially when kids are on mobile devices or performing near work. MyoKiddo Mobile Specs has a high plus power zone that creates a Myopic defocus with positive power dose on the peripheral retina. It stimulates the brain to control the axial length progression of the eyeball. Thus, myopia can be managed at early age to avoid vision threatening eye issues in latter age.

Dr Chawan founded Mumbai’s reputed eye hospital. “Shekhar Eye Research’. which developed this excellent product along with his Florida, USA based laboratory. Internationally famous doctor has received patent rights for multiple inventions in his field, including the recently curated Myopia Control Spectacle lenses called MyoKiddo. Additionally, his three decades of experience in the field of eye care had led him to invent crucial devices such as Diamond and Gold studded contact lenses, Painting and tinting Scleral lenses for therapeutic and prosthetic / cosmetic use, 3D custom made artificial eyes and permanent eye color changing techniques.

He also offers his orthokeratology and scleral lens consultation and Iris Painted Scleral lenses in Florida USA. He offers special effect contact lenses to Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The internationally recognised eye care practitioner has been conferred with many prestigious national and international awards. He has presented many papers on the subject in many ophthalmology conferences. His name is listed in Worlds Whos Who directory in the USA. He give credit for his achievements and success to Dr Quresh B Maskati.

Dr Chawan is a member of prestigious national & international societies and associations. He is fondly called the father of Ocularistry in India, as he has set up Ocular Prosthesis Units across India’s most famous Eye Institutes and aboard. Dr Chandrashekhar is available on +91 9920361631 for tel-consultation and customised Myopia Control plans for your Kids.
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