A 360-degree transformation & change in the behaviour 

Blooming star is one of the crucial subjects that needs to be address & brought into light says ‘Manisha Thakkar’.

Maniisha Thakkar is the mental companion you require to learn unconventional subjects, accept radical thoughts, and maintain your sanity at the same time.

A brief glance at Maniisha Thakkar’s past uncovers that she is a motivational speaker, life coach, counsellor, Image Consultant, and NLP coach, she is a dynamic persona with a compassionate and sympathetic outlook on life after overcoming complicated life milestones. 

In over 17 countries, she has mentored tens of tl/\ thousands of individuals.

Maniisha has come by leaps and bounds, earning honors degrees in psychology and English literature from Mumbai University. She also has certifications in a number of therapies, including, reiki, crystal healing, psychotherapy, psychic shield, and arhatic yoga. 

She was instilled with a thirst for knowledge by this multifaceted culture at a young age so that she could approach life as holistically as possible.  She continued on to earn her certificate in image consulting after being personally trained by one of Asia’s Best Personal Stylists to give it a firm and solid foundation.

Maniisha Thakkar implies along with physical and mental well-being emotional and spitritual health, she believes if all these factors are groomed & well attended people can have tranformation in their behaviour in 360 degree . Retreating the dilemma, in her opinion, is not the best course of action. By addressing it and conversing about it, you will uncover the answers and connections you have been yearning for.

With her expertise and six or more years of assisting individuals, she has received overwhelmingly valuable responses from her clients and has remained devoted to her bits of advice. She conducts both online and offline seminars which equally aids people to share their life concerns and experiences with her as they believe Maniisha is the one ray of light pointing them in the right direction. 

The mind is like a game of chess where you are constantly endeavoring to figure out your next move, but with the right deliberation and perseverance, you can ultimately make the right decisions, says Maniisha Thakkar . https://linktr.ee/maniishathakkar

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