According to DR. SAHIL KADARI, CEO/CMD/Founder of Block Beats Company, blockchain represents the future of the next generation and one of the best investment prospects of our time. He is still investigating the applications and development potential of blockchain technology. He has also received several honors, including the Nelson Mandela Award, Indian Iconic Business Award, and Indian Glory Award, to mention a few.

He also has the distinction of being India’s youngest PhD in Blockchain technology. He established Block Beats project management services LLC DUBAI [UAE].

Block Beats Company Now Launching BITICA Blockchain World Wide On 13th January, 2022, which is registered in DUBAI, the first jurisdiction to legalized cryptocurrency. Numerous coins and tokens have been established since then.

 As a BBDC Token replacement, these are commonly referred to as bitcoins.

In contrast to centralized electronic money/central banking systems, BBDC and its derivatives employ decentralized control. The decentralized control is associated with the usage of bitcoin’s blockchain transaction database as a distributed. Dr. Sahil, the inventor of Block Beats, believes in financial freedom and economic independence, which can only be obtained with the BDCC coin. And it is in this manner that he assists his clients in making wise financial decisions.

Block Beats token (BBCC) is based on BITICA BLOCK CHAIN Technology and is controlled by Block Beats, an DUBAI company (the first country to legalized Cryptocurrency).

 What is Block Beats Token (BBDC)

Block beats token commonly known as BBDC was created in 2023, based on Bitica Blockchain Technology [Ethereum fork layer-2] that is owned by Block Beats Company Registered in Dubai, UAE (the first country to legalized Cryptocurrency).

Since then, numerous cryptocurrencies & tokens have been created using the similar technology. Block beats token and its derivatives use decentralized control as opposed to centralized electronic money/central banking systems. The decentralized control in blockchain network is where everyone in the ecosystem has a copy of exact same data in form of distributed ledger so that No One has to know or trust other and this is the best way to keep the Ecosystem Secured for all transaction.

Block beats network believes in financial freedom and economic independence, which is easily possible through transparent & secured transaction using BDCC coin and its house products like the Bitica Swap, Bitica Exchange, Bitica NFT Market Place and Bitica Wallet. Bitica bridge/Bitica Block chain


Token Distribution Chart BLOCK BEATS TOKEN TOTAL SUPPY:36,000,000,000

• 18% Core Team

 • 10% Company Reserves

 • 15.46% Growth

 • 19% Public Sale

• 9.54% Private Sale

• 10% IEO

• 12% Exchanges

 • 1.2% Marketing

• 4.8% Partners/Advisors

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