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A pioneering player in the highly specialised field of content creation, GaiaQ, was founded in 2016 by Aakshey Talwar, a maverick marketing entrepreneur. The firm is an integral part of the Gaia Group of Companies, which also includes Weaving Thoughts, Gaia, Gaia Media, and Gaia Internet – each a part of Aakshey’s growing business empire. Collectively, the group strives to provide strategic marketing solutions to help clients create and leverage business opportunities and counter or resolve business challenges – with particular emphasis in the digital marketing domain.

GaiaQ boasts of a portfolio of eminent clients including Mobikwik, Hyatt, UpGrad, JLL, Zerodha, Vedantu, Cremica, and more. Having established a leadership position within the content creation space, Aakshey and his management team were keen to tap into GaiaQ’s substantial equity and goodwill, to help the company grow and diversify. A brief foray into full-stack digital marketing services, led to some confusion on the roles of other group entities and was promptly aborted.

In mid-2022, Aakshey stepped back to take stock, and was struck by two key insights:
1. That GaiaQ could access more clients demanding digital marketing solutions than it could handle.
2. That GaiaQ had collaborated, and built strong relationships with several digital marketing agencies who were struggling to acquire clients.

It takes the mind of a serial entrepreneur like Aakshey’s to turn these loosely connected insights into a coherent, actionable business opportunity. What if GaiaQ, in addition to its content creation services, were to introduce Digital Marketing Concierge Services? In other words:
(a) Partner with a range of quality digital marketing firms
(b) Net new clients and understand their digital marketing requirements
(c) Match them up with agencies who have the capabilities to fulfil their expectations
(d) Get them to work together

The client pays nothing over and above what the partner agency charges for services rendered. GaiaQ earns a nominal commission from the partner agency, effectively turning a dormant revenue stream into an active one. It’s a potential win-win-win scenario, but we shall wait to see how things transpire.

Meanwhile a word on the Founder

Aakshey Talwar launched his first start-up – Weaving Thoughts – as a teen-ager, barely out of high-school. Since then, he has launched several more companies. He is known to keep his operations lean and mean. This allows him to deliver quality work at a reasonable cost – a dream value-for-money equation that attracts new prospects, even while existing clients keep coming back for more.

Suffice it to say that occupationally and financially, the man is sorted – with or without GaiaQ Digital Marketing Concierge Services. But there’s a lot more to Aakshey Talwar than just being a serial entrepreneur. His hobbies and interests are as deep as they are varied.

He is a serious Audiophile and the founding member of Audiophilia, the world’s largest WhatsApp group of Audiophiles – including some of the world’s most renowned and influential experts on the quality and fidelity of sound reproduction. Aakshey has also been a lifelong gizmo freak, an Apple enthusiast and collector, a music buff and a die-hard foodie. 

Of late, Aakshey has immersed himself in the study of traditional South Indian Parashara Astrology, under the tutelage of his Bengaluru-based Guru, Pandit Narahari Katti. He has also been focusing on his culinary skills and is approaching near-legendary status as a home chef – at least within his immediate social circle.


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