“Raising Their Voices: Mumbai’s Gujarati and Business Communities Unite to Demand Justice for Ariha Shah, Staging Protests Outside German Consulate and Azad Maidan

Mumbai – The city of Mumbai witnessed a powerful display of solidarity and determination as the Gujarati and Business communities united in support of the campaign for justice for Ariha Shah. 

Several protesters gathered outside the German Consulate and Azad Maidan today, demanding the immediate return of baby Ariha Shah to India.

The protests were sparked by a recent decision by a German court, which denied the custody pleas of Ariha Shah’s parents based on alleged injuries she had suffered. The court, instead, handed over custody of Ariha to Jugendamt, the German youth services. This decision has ignited widespread outrage and concern among the Indian community, especially the Gujarati and business communities, who have vowed to fight for justice.

The Mumbai protests have gained significant momentum, with people from all walks of life coming together to support Ariha Shah’s cause. The Gujarati and Business communities, in particular, have demonstrated their unwavering commitment by organizing these massive protests and pledging to boycott the usage of German products until justice is served and Ariha is returned to her homeland.

Volunteers from the Gujarati and Business communities gathered today outside the German Consulate and Azad Maidan, driving their luxurious German brand cars, including Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, SKODA, Volkswagen, and more. 

They pledged to give up these symbolically significant vehicles as part of their ongoing protest, amplifying their demand for justice and the immediate return of baby Ariha Shah to India.

The sight of these high-end German cars, normally associated with luxury and prestige, lined up in protest against the injustice faced by Ariha Shah and her family, sent a powerful message. It represented the unwavering commitment of these communities to stand up for what they believe in and to prioritize the well-being and rights of a child over material possessions.

The impact of this boycott cannot be underestimated. India imported 5,882 commodities from Germany in FY21, with imports totaling a staggering US$ 14.9 billion. The collective refusal of the Gujarati and Business communities to engage in trade with Germany is expected to deliver a significant blow to German businesses operating in India.

The protesters will not rest until Ariha Shah is back in India. The demonstrations outside the German Consulate and Azad Maidan were marked by an overwhelming show of unity, with passionate chants and placards demanding justice and the immediate return of baby Ariha Shah.

The movement to secure justice for Ariha Shah and bring her back to India is growing stronger with each passing day. The organizers of the protests urge the public to join the cause and make their voices heard. Together, we can create a formidable force that compels the authorities to reconsider their decision and ensure that the rights and well-being of Ariha Shah are safeguarded.

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