Forging Economic Bonds: India-OIC Trade Conference

The India OIC Trade Conference, held at Niryat Bhawan, Delhi, was a landmark event that brought together distinguished delegates from India and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries. The conference, which aimed to strengthen economic ties, foster mutual understanding, and explore avenues for collaboration across various sectors, was met with resounding success.

Dr. Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, President of the All India Imam Organization, highlighted India’s role as a “Vishwa Guru” (world leader) and its profound sense of responsibility in promoting peace, leadership, and commercial relations. He emphasized India’s readiness to engage with countries, regardless of their size, and highlighted various peace-building initiatives undertaken by the All India Imam Organization.

Ambassador Amrit Lugun, Former Ambassador of India to Greece and Yemen, focused on the economic relations between India and OIC countries, stressing the importance of robust people-to-people relations for fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

Mrs. Zaliktou Boubacar, First Secretary of the Niger Embassy, highlighted the potential collaboration between India and Niger across various sectors, emphasizing the importance of bilateral cooperation for economic growth and development.

Dr. Asif Iqbal, President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization, commended India’s role in the G20 and its efforts to engage with Africa. He expressed confidence in replicating these successes in India’s relations with OIC countries and congratulated the newly appointed Chairman of the India OIC Trade Council. Dr. Iqbal outlined seven task forces, including Youth, Women, MSME, Agriculture, Medical Tourism, Renewable Energy, and IT & Education, seeking support from OIC country delegates to drive these initiatives forward.

Ambassador Muawia Elbukhari, Ambassador of Sudan to India, highlighted the strong and enduring relationship between India and Sudan, emphasizing the potential for further collaboration and growth.

BM Farookh, Chairman of the India OIC Trade Council, emphasized the importance of collective contribution in the field of renewable energy. He expressed his commitment to strengthening India-OIC relations, highlighting the role of renewable energy in achieving sustainable growth and development. BM Farookh was also appointed as the Chairman for the India OIC Trade Council during the conference and was presented with a certificate in recognition of his new role.

Mr. Hissein Brahim Taha is a Chadian politician and diplomat who is the 12th and current Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperstion. Additionally, the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Chad, Mr. Oumar Seidou Hissein, spoke about the India-Chad relations and the potential for further collaboration.

The India OIC Trade Conference concluded with a renewed commitment to strengthening economic ties, fostering mutual understanding, and promoting peace and prosperity in the region and beyond.

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