Awareness About The Fraud Packers & Movers


Packers and Movers fraud are very rare!

However, it CAN happen if you hire moving companies without proper verification and prior documentation before availing of the service. This is mainly because of the establishment of many fake moving companies that

The trend of movers and packers fraud can be noticed when a group of people either form a fake and unprofessional company or use the name of a reputed Movers and Packers company right away.

Some would manhandle it, cause a lot of delay in delivery, or simply would not respond to your calls in the most critical times, but the worst ones could end up stealing your goods or holding them captive in demand for more money.

Generally, a person is not aware of a genuine Movers and Packer company unless they have a personal contact. The other way round would involve doing in-depth research. Thus, the easiest solution is to go for an outsourcing organization that has had professional contact only with verified and best packers and movers in Mumbai.

Big Cities Or Small Cities: Where Does The Most Packers and Movers Fraud Happen?

The frequency of packers and movers fraud is slightly higher in small cities or townships adjacent to a major city. The legal framework is separate and less organized. Secondly, there is not much awareness and strictness in the market to allow the fraud packers and movers to set up a fake business easily. So, if you are living in Thane and want to shift to Pune or any other city for that matter, you would not travel to Mumbai and get lost in its Titanic markets. The best solution is to get the best packers and movers in Thane through an outsourcing organization that also verifies them.

What Should I Do If Packers And Movers Are Not Responding After Picking Up My Goods?

First, check your Agreement Analysis

The foremost aspect to handle such a situation is to check the agreement or document provided by the company. Make sure to collect and preserve all these documents until your belongings are shifted safely. You will need to go through the contract and read all the mentioned terms and conditions. A good agreement from a reliable service provider will have steps listed on what you should do in case you don’t get any response post to pick up. There will be areas listed like:

  • appropriate wait time before getting panicked;
  • possible reasons for the occurrence of such scenarios;
  • where and to whom to escalate this issue too;
  • who is the insurer in case you lose some or all of the belongings and how to claim the same;
  • Is there any alternate way to make contact with the movers and packers?

Once you check all of these areas, you should most probably find a solution and, if still, you do not find the appropriate solution, you have to go for a harsher method.

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File a Complaint on the Online Consumer Protection Portal

Many institutions are providing their services to help you resolve such issues. Nowadays, you can file a complaint with these institutions right from your home on an online portal. You can even register your complaint via phone call. These portals can be entire government or non-government institutions helping the consumers to get justice. They will collect all your personal details and information about the movers and packers. Once they have all the details, they will initially assess if the complaint is valid or fake. Upon some iteration with these companies, they go ahead and help you to derive a solution.

Below is the list of some service providers:

  • INGRAM (
  • (Jago Grahak Jago)
  • National Consumer Helpline – 1800 11 4000

In most cases, you will find a solution with guidance and assistance from these organizations. But let’s say, you still aren’t fully satisfied with the resolution. What next then?

Legal Action: File an FIR

In the end, the most stringent step you need to take against the fraud moving company is to go to the local police station and file an FIR against the movers and packers company. The police shall lodge an FIR under section 421 of the Indian Penal code as a fraud. If you had any kind of insurance against your belongings, then this FIR can also help you to claim the amount for the same.

Check the following to be on the safer side:

  • Always hire a registered company
  • Read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully
  • Try to have constant contact with the packers and movers service provider post pick up.


The best solution to avoid the fraud Packers and Movers is to hire a from a verified source which can be conveniently provided to you by a third party or an outsourcing organization!

Outsourcing companies like Assure Shift do in-depth research on your behalf and list only the verified Packers and Movers of a city. Its business module is designed to recognize the packer’s and movers’ fraud and keep them as away from their customers. As discussed above you can expect more the fraud happening in small markets like Navi Mumbai. But you need not worry about the best movers and packers in Navi Mumbai and travel all the way to Mumbai to get one as Assure Shift has got you covered in such townships also.

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