BMC Attempts To Make Private Areas Accessible To Public


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is considering making private shortcuts available to the public, reported the Times of India. According to the report, the initiative looks to permit public access to privately owned areas. It is anticipated that this will enable address the present gap as well as make mumbai more liveable, mentioned the account.

Based on the narrative, a discussion about the same is slated to be held on Thursday, April 14 as part of the BMC’s Tactical Thursday initiatives.

The civic body’s tweet read, “Speakers for this week’s #TacticalThursday discussion! In the absence of public space facilities, economic activity is hampered, & social stability, security are weakened. The public speakers will discuss why it is vital to take action. #TacticalUrbanism.”

The report goes on to add that the said drive would mean that people will be asked to make public a piece of land that goes through their personal premises. This will be done in order to enable quicker public movement in the vicinity.

An official from the BMC was quoted in the account elaborating on how while the BMC cannot force people to provide public access to their private properties, there are already considerable shortcuts in many areas that would provide last-mile connectivity.  

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