BMC Elections 2022: BJP Launches “Pol Khol” Campaign


According to the latest reports, on Sunday, April 17, evening, the BJP launched its “pol khol” campaign for the upcoming BMC elections. A screen mounted on a mobile van showed speeches of BJP MLAs on the alleged corruption in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). 

Based on accounts, BJP Mumbai President, Mangal Prabhat Lodha asked party workers to go door to door telling citizens about the corruption in the civic body that caused the quality of life of the locals to dwindle. As part of the “pol khol” campaign, the van will move across Mumbai. It was reportedly launched in a by lane in Goregaon (West) near Patra chawl. 

This was meant to signify the corruption in the Patra Chawl. MLA Vidya Thakur was quoted in narratives elaborating on how residents were thrown out and this should not be repeated with the Motilal Nagar redevelopment

This campaign will be conducted at chowks in the city every evening for the next month, mentioned Atul Bhatkalkar, MLA and Mumbai in-charge in narratives. Bhatkalkar has stated in reports that the party will click pictures with properties that belong to the city and demand that they are returned to it. 

While the BJP has been accusing the Shiv Sena of corruption, it has remained mum on its earlier alliance with them. On the other hand, Lodha, reportedly elucidated that people take two hours to reach from one point to another in the city. He believes that for the taxes that the citizens pay, instead of roads, the locals get potholes and that pavements are redone every year. 

He also went on to comment on the civic-run hospitals are not maintained causing only those who cannot afford private care, to go to these hospitals. He added that since the locals’ lives are busy, they do not have time to fight for their rights.

Lodha reportedly elaborated on the Mumbai Metro car shed debacle by mentioning that the present state government has made the car shed location an ego issue

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