BMC To Have “Waghoba Club” In Its Schools For Nature Trails


According to the latest reports, all civic schools in Mumbai will have a “Waghoba (tiger) Club”, with the aim of creating awareness about wildlife amongst students at schools operated by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

The same was announced on Wednesday, February 9, by Tourism and Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray. The minister unveiled the colourful tiger sculpture at the August Kranti Maidan to commemorate the bicentennial of the last tiger seen on the erstwhile Bombay Island at the Gowalia Tank. 

Based on accounts, the event was organized by the Khaki Foundation which works on creating awareness about heritage. Thackeray took to Twitter saying, “As we mark 200 years of the last tiger spotting at Gowalia Tank, August Kranti Maidan, we had a tiger again at the very same place, along with school kids of the @mybmc schools.
Today we announce that the BMC will have its own Waghoba Club in schools for nature trails.”

According to narratives, Rajesh Kankal the BMC education officer elaborated on these clubs will be made in all its schools of all grades. From activities in school to curate awareness regarding wildlife, a trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park could also be anticipated. 

It has been reported that the education department has made provision worth INR 31 lakh in its yearly budget for awareness of wildlife and biodiversity. 

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