Book Review: This Modern Era Love Story Is A Perfect Blend Of Reality & Romance


Love and marriage are two of the perpetual subjects for novels, not surprisingly.

We probably live in an era where the youths and teenagers end up being a part of rat race – running behind a successful career, money and fame – what we miss out on is finding someone who should be along us in this phase be it emotionally or physically.

Moreover, while focusing on various other things in life, we usually tend to keep our relationships at the bottom-most priority. For some, it might not be completely wrong, but at the end of the hectic day, you may need someone just to be around you and calm down your nerves.

Similarly, this new age love story, not a clichéd one, about Mishkat and Nasya will leave you with many thoughts. Did they really do everything that they ever desired?

They did not get married because they were forced to or because it was necessary. They did it because they wanted to. They flew to different continents for their careers a month after their marriage, not because the marriage didn’t work out but because they wanted to focus on their dreams.

They focused on their careers for seven years, excelled in their respective fields, and moved from being friends to best friends. They thought theirs was the perfect relationship because they did all that they ever wanted.

Even if you are not an avid love or romantic story reader, without revealing much about the narrative, Mishkat and Nasya’s tale which is a perfect blend of reality, humour and a little but spice of suspense will definitely relate to you.

It will take you through all dilemma that a person faces in a long distance relationship, mind you without any compromises, as it takes times to reveal details about characters. Also, the story contributes about several problems that are being faced each one of us on day to day life; however, it goes unnoticed as the society still looks down upon it. 

Book Name: Married on Papers

Author: Akriti Sharma

Rating: 4/5

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