Central Railways: Two From Mumbai Receive General Manager’s Safety Award


Anil Kumar Lahoti, General Manager, Central Railways gave away the “General Manager’s Safety Award” to ten Central Railway staff i.e. three from Bhusaval, two each from MumbaiPune and Nagpur and one from Solapur Division.

The awards were given in appreciation of their alertness during duty, their contribution in averting untoward incidents and ensuring safety in train operations during April 2022, in a function held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai on May 2, 2022. The award consists of a Medal, commendation certificate, a citation of exemplary safety work and a cash award of INR 2000. 

The awardees include:

  • Vijendra Yadav, Track Maintainer, Vidyavihar, Mumbai Division, while on duty noticed a train approaching during a night traffic block between Ghatkopar and Vikhroli and with quick action he stopped the train thus averting a possible mishap.
  • Nagorao S. Kelkar, Loco Pilot, Shunter, Kurla of Mumbai Division, while on duty at CSMT yard during shunting noticed a rail fracture and immediately stopped the train thus possible mishap was averted due to his alertness.
  • Aditya Kumar, Pointsman, Sagphata of Bhusaval Division, on March 30, 2022, while exchanging signals with a passing Goods train noticed the burning of grease but was unable to stop the train. Then immediately he informed the same to next station through Station Master. After examining Dongargaon, a hot axel is found. Due to his timely action averted a possible mishap.
  • Vikki Vilas Kochure, Pointsman, Biswa Bridge, Bhusaval Division, while on night duty on March 12, 2022, noticed a hot axel in the 25th wagon of a passing goods train. Station Master stopped the train and detached the wagon by shunting. Thus his timely action averted a possible mishap.
  • Akash Bhaskar, Track Maintainer-IV, Bodwad, Bhusaval division, on April 1, 2022, noticed smoke from the wheel in the 6th coach of train No. 11039 passing on the adjacent line. He immediately informed the same to Bodwad Station Master. On examination, it is found brake binding. The timely action averted a major possible accident.
  • Satish Meena, Loco Pilot, Goods, Amla of Nagpur division, while working on train No. 19343 on March 26, 2022, noticed a fire near the Up line on Kiratgarh – Kaisala section and alerted the Up train and stopped the train by informing on the walkie-talkie. The train was passed after extinguishing the fire. Thus an accident was averted due to his alertness.
  • Subodh Kumar Tilakdhari, Senior Section Engineer, Rail Track, Kala Akhar of Nagpur Division, doused the fire in the forests beside the Up line in Kaisla – Kirathgarh section, which affected the passing trains. Also issued a caution order for other trains. Due to his alertness, a possible mishap was averted.
  • B. Satyanarayan, Loco Pilot, Mail and Shri Sant Kumar, Assistant Loco Pilot, Pune Division, while working train No. 12939 Pune – Jaipur Express on April 20, 2022, noticed a signal was given for CSMT instead of Vasai Road by Dombivali cabin and informed the same to cabin station Master Dombivali about the wrong signal and got the signal for Vasai Road. Thus they could avoid the train going in the wrong direction.
  • Vitthal Khandu, Technician I, Solapur of Solapur Division, while rolling–in the examination on March 28, 2022, noticed that a quarter pin and washer missing from the broken gear of the leading trolley trailing wheel of train No. 18520. After getting it repaired then only the train departed for its onward journey. Due to his alertness, a possible mishap was averted.

Lahoti, while addressing the occasion said that the awardees have done a commendable job and such 24 x 7 alertness shown by the railway staff for safer working will motivate others and sincerely work towards the safety of passengers.

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