Citizens Shall Be Permitted To Visit Mantralaya From “This” Date


According to the latest reports, on Tuesday, May 18, the Maharashtra government reportedly issued a notification stating that citizens will be permitted to visit the Mantralaya building in Mumbai from May 18. 

Based on accounts, this can be done through the Visitor Pass Management System (VPMS).

For those unversed, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, entry to ordinary visitors was restricted in the government building. 

This was a preventive measure to ensure that the spread of the novel, coronavirus was hindered. It has been reported that back then, the state home department had suspended the visitor pass management system until further notice. 

Not just this, but even courier boys were not permitted to enter the Mantralaya. Moreover, the home department had also introduced restrictions on the number of VIP visitors a minister can attend to. 

Back then, the number of visitors a minister of state (MoS) or a minister could meet was restricted to 10. On the other hand, the chief secretary and other departmental heads could only attend to up to five visitors. 

However, with the condition soon resuming normalcy, citizens from May 18 could visit the Mantralaya by means of the VPMS. 

Earlier in February, Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray wanted that all Mantralaya staffers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 on a priority basis. 

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