Consumers to pay more for LPG gas connection from June 16


Purchasing a new LPG gas connection in the state is going to become expensive and this move will affect the consumers over the next few days. As per recent updates, the state-owned oil companies in India have decided to hike the price for a new domestic gas connection and this will be effective from Thursday, June 16, 2022. 

Reports reveal that a new connection of 5 kg gas cylinder will be expensive by INR 350 and in addition to this, the firms have also decided to increase the price of gas regulators. Consumers will now have to pay an additional cost of INR 100  for a new gas regulator.

Moreover, one will now have to pay INR 2200 for gas connection instead of the INR 1450 which was the price one had to pay earlier. This means that a consumer has to bare an increase of INR 750 for the cylinder. Apart from that, an additional INR 250 will have to be paid for gas regulator, INR 25 for passbook and INR 150 for pipes, which means that in total consumers who decide to purchase a new LPG gas connection now have to spend INR 3,690. Besides this, those who wish to purchase two cylinders will have to pay Rs 4,400.

In terms of the security deposit, a consumer will have to now pay more for a five kg gas cylinder security, and the new rates have been decided as INR 1,150, i.e., INR 350 more than than previously priced INR 800.
This has caused a displeasure among consumers who who buy cooking gas cylinders under the Prime Minister’s Ujjawala scheme. 

Authorities have also decided that consumers will have to pay extra security if they want another cylinder added on their existing connection, and in this case one will have to pay INR 250 instead of INR 150 for the new regulator.

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