Doctors Give A New Lease Of Life To An Only Earning Member Of A Family


Diabetic patients are more likely to have foot problems as well as diabetic infections in the legs and feet. These types of foot injuries can lead to ulcers and infections. In more severe cases, the leg has to be amputated. Even if the blood vessels are injured, the feet do not have an adequate supply of blood and oxygen. 

In such cases, if the foot is injured or infected, it is difficult for the foot to heal. 1 lakh people in India lose their legs due to diabetes every year, while many people lose their second leg after a few years. Doctors at Platinum Hospital in Mulund succeeded in rescuing a person who lost one of his legs a few years back.

Giving more information about this, the Endovascular surgeon and expert of Platinum Hospital, Dr. Vineet Paliwal said, “Milind Mone (57) had his left leg amputated below the knee in 2013 due to diabetic foot and his right leg toe was amputated in 2014. His heart was weakened due to diabetes and high blood pressure. If his right leg had to be amputated, he would have had a permanent disability.”

Paliwal added, “He had an ulcer in his right leg when he came to the hospital for treatment. After a CT scan, we found a large blockage in the large blood vessel in the abdomen leading to the right leg; the blood vessel in the right leg was completely blocked from thigh to knee”.

Paliwal uttered, “Prompt endovascular surgery was conducted and blockage in the blood vessel was bypassed and opened so that the blood supply to his leg was restored which helped to heal the wound and save his leg. Endovascular surgery is used to remove body blocks. This surgery is beneficial in peripheral artery disease using endovascular surgery.” 

Milind Mone was the only earning member of the family. Even though one of his legs had been amputated, he was still on his way to work. Paliwal and his team managed to save Mone’s leg with a big bet. 

Speaking on diabetes and foot ulcers, Paliwal further voiced that diabetes affects blood flow and it takes time to heal wounds as blood flow is not smooth. “In diabetes, blood vessels clot to a large extent. It stops the blood supply and the front part dies. Similarly, in diabetes, excess sugar can cause nerve damage. This reduces the patient’s sensation and numbs the legs. Even if the foot is injured, it does not hurt, so proper glycemic control, regular foot testing, and proper footwear can help prevent diabetic foot pain,” recommended Paliwal.

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