Jumbo King Targets Mumbai Railway Stations With ‘Burgers on the Go’ Campaign


Jumbo King, the 3rd largest burger brand in India with 115+ stores (after McDonalds and Burger King) and India’s largest homegrown burger chain has come up with a new ATL marketing campaign #BurgersOnTheGo.

Launched in Mumbai, the campaign aims to underscore Jumbo King’s core positioning as India’s favourite ‘on-the-go’ vegetarian burger brand. The brand has launched the campaign posters at strategic locations across 35 railway stations and local trains on Central, Western and Harbour line. 

Jumbo King has a set format for strategic locations including railway stations where customers can eat on the go. The menu is clutter-free so that customers can make easy orders without any confusion or waiting time.

For the current campaign- #BreakTohBantaHai, Jumbo King has chosen to keep the campaign messaging in hinglish to honour Mumbai’s vibrant cosmopolitan culture. 

“The messaging is on point with our brand philosophy of giving quick service to our customers comprising young working professionals, students, and anyone conscious of hygienic snacking. The campaign aims to remind them to take a well-deserved break from their hectic schedule with Jumbo King burgers. By bringing convenience to India’s commuters- across metros, trains, bus stations and airports, Jumbo King has found a place in people’s daily routine,” shares Dheeraj Gupta, Founder and MD, Jumbo King Foods.

Gupta is confident that #Burgers on the go campaign will connect well with Jumbo Kings’ loyal customers when on-the-go consumption is already seeing a quicker recovery in the new normal. “People have resumed traveling as places and offices have opened up and on-the-go snacking options which are largely driven by convenience have become significant again. We believe this campaign will help the brand strengthen its connection with its target audience,” he adds. 

Jumbo King is a privately held company and is looking to close the financial year 2022-23 at 150-160 stores. Jumbo King has already clocked an impressive 4x growth over the last 5 years, despite COVID-19.

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