Kandivali: Three Labourers Die While Cleaning Septic Tank


According to the latest reports, on Thursday, March 10, three private labourers fell into a septic tank while undertaking cleaning work and succumbed in the hospital later.

They were reportedly recovered by the Mumbai Fire Brigade and the local public. Based on accounts, they were sent to Kandivali’s Shatabdi Hospital where they were declared dead.

In other developments, on Wednesday, March 9, state minister Dhananjay Munde from NCP informed the Maharashtra Legislative Council that the government will conduct a review meeting about manual scavengers working in local governing bodies and issue new guidelines, cited narratives. 

The information was brought to light by Munde while he responded to a question raised by the BJP MLC Vinayak Mete. Munde elaborated on how the state government previously had suggestions made by the Lad-Page committee and he believes that many of these aren’t relevant anymore. 

Therefore, Munde will conduct a meeting with the respective departments to address the problems of manual scavengers in the local governing bodies. The government is anticipated to issue new guidelines relevant to the current condition which will be applicable in all local bodies.

It has been reported that during the said discussion, BJP MLC Kapil Patil had said that previously people hailing from a certain caste worked as manual scavengers. He added that these works should not be restricted to them and they should be given jobs in higher positions. 

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