Learn about Mumtaz, a hockey player from Lucknow, and her inspirational


Qaiser Jahan, a Lucknow vegetable seller, has made the news for a variety of reasons. After all, the inspirational woman is Mumtaz Khan’s mother, a hockey sensation. Mumtaz is the third-leading goal scorer in the hockey tournament with six goals. Mumtaz scored in the country’s first encounter against Wales and even won the goal against Germany in the pre-tournament. Mumtaz’s five sisters were watching the match on their phones in their Lucknow house on Friday, while her father went to the mosque to pray for his daughter, as Mumtaz’s mother had gone to work.

Farah, Mumtaz’s older sister, spoke to the media about how they have gone through the darkest days of their lives with nothing. Mumtaz also discusses how she overcame the different criticisms and insults she and her family faced as a result of permitting a girl child to participate in sports. Mumtaz’s mother explained how she made it a point to ignore such snide remarks, and how seeing Mumtaz’s achievements now felt like an appropriate reaction to all those critics.

Mumtaz first discovered hockey by chance in 2013, while on tour with her school’s athletics team in Agra for a competition. She won the sprints game, prompting the local coach to suggest that she try hockey. In a hockey game, her speed and energy were put to the best possible advantage. Her fearlessness on the field allowed her to make several excellent dodges. Mumtaz was chosen for a local competition, and her life changed forever after that, since she wanted to play for India.

In India, it has been observed that women are not allowed to participate in many activities outside of their homes. Indians still prefer their girl children to do household duties and pursue occupations that do not need them to travel outdoors, despite the fact that India is a traditional society that is still struggling to accept the modernism and technology of the changing times. Girl children are prevented from participating in sports for a variety of reasons, some of which are outdated  and conventional. Reading about Mumtaz and her family overcoming all hurdles and challenges to upgrade themselves and pursue their aspirations is pretty motivating.

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