Life is nothing more than the choices you make


Life is nothing more than the choices you make on a daily basis. You choose everything, whether you want it or not, directly or indirectly.

No one has the power to make your life decisions for you. That is because eventually it is you who is making the decision about everything in your life even when you allow others to do it for you.

Understand that it is always your choice, your decision. You may believe that someone else makes the decision.

However, only you have the authority to make decisions. For instance, if someone criticises you, you choose to be offended. When someone compliments you, you choose to be gratified. You may chose it unconsciously as a result of your habit and believe that someone else is influencing your decisions.

Your life is determined by all of your continual choices every minute. If you don’t make a decision and let events rule your life, you will experience ‘paralysis.’ Our current state of being is one of paralysis. Only when you decide to live your life without being influenced by other events, situations, or decisions can you truly choose to be alive.

A scientist invited a man to lunch at his home. The man was eating lunch when he noticed a horseshoe hanging on the wall. A horseshoe is thought to bring good fortune. Sir, I can’t believe you’re a scientist and you believe in this superstition that a horseshoe brings you luck!’ said the man, shocked. ‘No, no!’ said the scientist. I don’t believe in such folly. But the individual who gave it to me assured me that whether I believed it or not, it would bring me good fortune!’

Your reactions to various events, as well as the decisions you make, are entirely your choice. But you deceive yourself and others into thinking someone else is in charge and forcing you to do things their way. We are continually convinced that we have received unfair results. This is because we are unable to connect the cause and effect of many of the events in our lives. We are blissfully oblivious that we are the ones who bear the brunt of the repercussions. We made it happen by living in an unthinking manner.

Throughout, it is always your choice, your decision. You may believe that someone else makes decisions about your life. Recognize that you have the option to respond differently. When someone criticises you, for example, you can choose not to be offended and instead remain calm, comfortable, and composed. You have the option of living consciously. Be Joyful!

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