Maharashtra: 1.15 cr People Yet To Take Second Vaccine Dose


According to the latest reports, nearly 1.15 crore people which is 16 per cent of those eligible for their second vaccine dose against COVID-19 till January 26 have missed their scheduled jabs in Maharashtra

Based on an account by the Indian Express, till December 4, 2021, almost 98 lakh people who had been administered their first dose delayed getting their second jab. Now, over the last two months, these numbers have increased to 1.15 crore.

From these, 97.58 lakh took Covishield and the remaining 17.34 lakh took Covaxin. As of January 26, 6.1 crore people have taken their second jab across the state. 

Moreover, it has been reported that for the counselling of these defaulters, Dr Pradeep Vyas Additional Chief Secretary had ordered that call centres be put up in every district under the “Dastak on phone” initiative. By means of this, officials look to convivence defaulters to get fully vaccinated against coronavirus

Additionally, amid the fear of the highly transmissible variant Omicron, officials were under the presumption that vaccine hesitancy would be minimum. However, especially in the hinterland of the state, officials are reportedly struggling to persuade people to get fully vaccinated.

In Maharashtra, 90.65 per cent of those eligible have been administered their first dose, while 65.96 per cent have been administered both doses, cited narratives. 

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