Maharashtra: Bill Passed To Make Marathi Compulsory In Official Works Of Local Authorities


On Thursday, March 24, the Maharashtra Assembly, unanimously passed a bill that looks to make the Marathi language compulsory in official activities of local authorities that include civic bodies as well as corporations formulated by the state government, remarked accounts.

According to reports, Subhash Desai, state minister elaborated on how the bill was required since the Maharashtra Official Language Act, 1964 didn’t make it necessary for the local authorities to make use of Marathi in their official work.

Desai reportedly went on to mention examples of authorities taking advantage of the lack of the Act’s provisions. This bill, Desai believes is their way of rectifying the mistake.

Therefore, with the approval of this bill, any local authority established by the Maharashtra government or the union government or state-run corporations, will have to utilize the Marathi language while interacting with people as well as undertaking internal works, highlighted narratives.

Based on accounts, Desai further elaborated on how the use of English or Hindi by the local authorities for some government activities that include communicating with foreign ambassadors has been permitted.

However, this decision drew criticism from the opposition, who alleged that the government was undertaking such resolutions in the lead up to the BMC elections. Desai responded to these allegations by saying that elections come and go but it’s their duty to bring the bill.  

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