Maharashtra: Eknath Shinde Takes His Oath As CM, Devendra Fadnavis Takes Charge As Dy CM


With only Eknath Shinde expected to take the oath on Thursday, June 30, a third chair was later added at the swearing-in ceremony slated to be held at 7.30 pm.

Following this development, Union Minister, Amit Shah took to Twitter to mention that while Shinde will take the oath as Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis has also agreed to be part of the government. Further, he shared that Fadnavis decided to join the government at the request of BJP chief JP Nadda.

Both Shinde and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis arrived at the Raj Bhavan for the ceremony. The oath-taking ceremony commenced with Shinde taking the oath as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Earlier, Fadnavis had mentioned that he will be staying out of the government. However, after being urged by the higher-ups from the BJP, Fadnavis took an oath as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. 

With speculations hinting that Fadnavis would become the CM, the tables were turned when the esteemed post was handed over to Shinde. This was followed by yet another twist when Fadnavis who earlier remarked would not be part of the government, took an oath as the Deputy Chief Minister. It is now anticipated that a cabinet expansion will transpire.

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