Maharashtra Power Crisis: Govt Has Issued Tenders To Import 1 Lakh Metric Tonnes Of Coal, Says Nitin Raut


On Tuesday, April 19, Maharashtra Energy Minister, Nitin Raut stated that 12 states are facing electricity problems owing to the shortage of coal. He added that his department was working to mitigate the shortage in the state with micro-level planning, reports mentioned. 

During his interaction with the media, the minister remarked that there was not any load shedding in the state in the last five to six days because of micro-level planning and the power deficit were at 15 per cent. 

Raut reportedly added that the state-operated Mahagenco has a target to generate 8000 MW of electricity. On the other hand, thermal power plants in the coastal region function on imported coal, whose ban was recently lifted by the Union, he said. 

He was quoted in accounts elaborating on how the Maharashtra government has issued tenders to import one lakh metric tonnes of coal. He attributed the coal shortage to the lack of rakes which are trains. According to him, 37 rakes are needed daily, however, presently they are receiving only 26. 

Raut brought to light that each rake can transport 4,000 metric tonnes of coal. Similarly, Anil Kamble, MSEDCL Chief Spokesperson was quoted in narratives elucidating that the peak demand was more than 26,000 MW and a coal shortage was there throughout India for thermal power generation. 

On the other hand, the opposition has been accusing the government of curating an “artificial power crisis” in the state. 

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