Maharashtra: Water Reservoirs Currently Have 37% Stock


According to the latest reports, Maharashtra‘s water reservoirs are presently at 37 per cent stock. On the other hand, 401 tankers are supplying water to many scarcity-hit areas, the Maharashtra government said on Thursday, May 26.

Based on accounts, the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) in a statement said that the government was working to see to it that uninterrupted water supply to citizens with adequate planning for its distribution. It added that 401 tankers were providing water to 455 villages as well as 1,001 hamlets across Maharashtra.

It has been reported that in the previous week, tankers were utilized to supply water to 53 additional villages as well as 116 hamlets. The statement reportedly elaborated on how an additional 46 tankers were utilized for the purpose. 

The CMO then elucidated that to date there has not been any need to supply water in the Nagpur district by tankers. On the other hand, narratives suggest that from the 76 urban centres throughout eight districts in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region, a mere seven receive water supply daily. This was part of a report prepared by the Aurangabad divisional commissioner’s office.

In addition to this, the report highlighted the gap in two water supplies ranging from one to 15 days. From this, the highest gap is of 15 days in Badnapur town of Jalna district, the report mentioned.

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