Mandatory ‘social responsibility service’ MBBS students | Mumbai News Today


Students pursuing MBBS degree across several government institutions in Maharashtra or have sought admission government seats in private colleges will now have to serve in rural areas on a mandatory basis. An update regarding the same was shared by the State Medical Education Department recently and authorities have informed that the students who were earlier escaping from the same by paying fine, will now have a route to escape henceforth.

A Government Resolution (GR) was issued regarding the same recently where officials have clarified that the revised decision will be applicable for those seeking admission from 2022-23. The decision was taken since the taxpayer’s amount is spent by the government to offer seats to those students who seek education through this facility either in government or civic-run medical colleges. Moreover, the fee at these institutes is minimal and the department spends a considerable amount.

A report regarding the same was published in the Hindustan Times.

Besides this, students will also have to sign an additional bond for a year’s compulsory internship across hospitals or health centers associated with respective medical colleges, and the same has been called the rural service bond or the social responsibility. These facilities will be in any part of Maharashtra and the bond will be applicable for 12 months which the students have to follow on a mandatory basis, failing which a fine of INR Rs 10 lakh will be applicable.

The GR mentioned, “It has been observed that after completing MBBS several students skip the rural-service bond by paying the fine. However, at the background of Covid-19 pandemic exigency of additional medical force has come to the fore following which the state was mulling over making the rural-service bond mandatory.”

“The provision of completing MBBS education from government and civic-run institutes, without completing the social responsibility service by paying a penalty, is henceforth being cancelled,” the resolution added.

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