MSRTC Strike Row: 11,024 employees suspended as it enters 100th day


Even as the Maharashtra State Road and Transport Corporation (MSRTC) employees continue to strike, the passengers have raised a question that what alternative Maharashtra government has arranged for them?

The MSRTC strike enters 100th day today, February 3. Though, it has come to light that 97 per cent of the depots are operational.

At present, there are 8,000 to 8,500 rounds. As a result, 92 per cent of the passenger traffic is affected. Meanwhile, in the last 100 days, a total of 80 transport body employees and their families have committed suicide.

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At the end of January, out of 92,266 employees of the corporation, 27,127 liaison officers have returned to work. A total of 6,156 employees have gone on strike and 11,024 employees have been suspended so far. Out of 250 depots, 243 depots have been started, the corporation claimed.

For those unversed, the transport body workers have been on strike since October 27 demanding the merger of the organisation with the state government with the hope of getting the benefits of being government employees. All 250 bus depots were shut, owing to which, the general public in rural areas who are dependent on bus services are suffering.

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