Mumbai 1993 Blasts: 4 Accused Nabbed In Gujarat


According to the latest reports, four conspirators of the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai who had been evading the authorities for the past 29 years were arrested near Ahmedabad airport by the Gujarat anti-terrorism squad.

Based on accounts, after a tip-off, Abu Bakar, Sayyed Qureshi, Mohd Shoeb Qureshi and Mohd Yusuf Ismail Shaikh alias Yusuf Bhatka who were all residents of Mumbai were nabbed on May 12. 

A police officer was quoted in narratives elaborating on how they have been remanded to a week in police custody. Reports suggest that the four had arrived in the city, four to five days before they were nabbed. 

Some accounts speculate that they had come to renew their passports. They have reportedly been booked by the concerned authorities for making use of forged documents. 

It has been reported that a special court had declared them “proclaimed offenders” for the 1993 blasts. An official elaborated on how the four were a part of the conspiracy made by Dawood Ibrahim and others to conduct blasts in Mumbai, reports stated.

Back on March 12, 1993, a coordinated bombing transpired in Mumbai wherein nearly 257 were killed while 700 suffered injuries, accounts cite. Narratives suggest that the blast masterminds, Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon continue to remain missing.

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