Mumbai: 31-yr-old Fights All Odds To Deliver A Baby Boy At 5th Attempt


Solanki has been married since the past 7.5 years a non-consanguineous marriage where she conceived spontaneously 5 times. Considering her previous 4 losses, this was a very high-risk pregnancy.

The couple had undergone several genetic tests of which they had been diagnosed as carriers of Achondrogenesis Type 1A (Achondrogenesis refers to a group of fatal genetic disorders that affect the development of bones and cartilages).

She was infected by the novel coronavirus twice in this pregnancy once in the 2nd month and once in the 6th month and later she suffered from bell’s palsy.

Dr Indrani Salunkhe, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central says “It was a complex pregnancy considering the medical history of the patient and her history of recurrent miscarriages along with history of COVID-19 infection. Efforts were taken to prevent preterm labour by a timely procedure called “Os tightening” which prevented her from aborting. Following this procedure the patient was hospitalised till term for safe confinement.

To increase the baby weight was a challenge too considering she was vegetarian. A meticulous diet high in vegetarian sources of protein was given to the patient. She was also receiving injections every week for preventing preterm pain and to improve the baby’s lung maturity. At nine months, a decision was taken to deliver the baby by a Caesarian section. The baby cried immediately after birth bringing a smile on everyone’s face in the OT.

Further to this Dr Indrani Salunkhe, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central added that although the parents are carriers of Achondrogenesis fortunately the baby is not a carrier of this disorder thus emphasizing that the involvement of a genetic counselor in such cases is crucial.

Delighted mother Mrs Reha Solanki said “we had lost all hopes of becoming parents and had many hurdles in this pregnancy, through which we could sail smoothly only because of the constant support of my husband and guidance of Dr Indrani and her team, indeed god is great! During my 4 miscarriages, I had gone through a mental stress whether from society or from my own family members. The day god blessed us with a healthy boy and when we held him close, I felt, that God always gives another chance and that we should not lose hope

Thus, the medical history of the couple and prenatal checkups play an important role to avoid complications in pregnancy. These checkups help the doctor to advise the right kind of medication, food and guide the couple until delivery.

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