Mumbai: Active COVID-19 Cases At 95,123


On Thursday, January 13, Mumbai registered 13,702 new COVID-19 cases according to the data released by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Of these, 11,510 which is 84 per cent are asymptomatic. Moreover, 871 patients were hospitalized today of which 127 needed oxygen.

The data further brings to light that of the 36,979 available beds, 6,410 are occupied which is 17.3 per cent. On the other hand, 20,849 patients recovered and were thus discharged. With these updates in numbers, there are 95,123 active coronavirus cases in Mumbai. 

Additionally, six fatalities were reported due to COVID-19 on Thursday all of whom were above the age of 60. With this, the recovery rate of the city stands at 88 per cent. Similarly, the overall growth rate of coronavirus cases in Mumbai is 1.85 per cent. 

The doubling rate of the city is now at 36 days. Moreover, in accordance with the containment measures taken on Wednesday, January 12, there are zero active containment zones in the island city but 61 active sealed buildings. 

A Maharashtra COVID-19 task force member, Dr Shashank Joshi had remarked that Mumbai is presently at the peak of the third wave. Joshi was quoted by reports elaborating on how absolute numbers shouldn’t be looked at, instead other parameters such as number of hospitalizations, number of people on ventilators, amongst others should be seen.

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