Mumbai: BMC Plans To Create Dedicated Feeding Areas For Stray Dogs


According to the latest reports, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is considering curating dedicated feeding areas for stray dogs. Accounts claim that the civic body has started to identify designated spaces in each ward.

Based on narratives, the BMC health department in 2014, conducted a census wherein it was brought to light that there are more than 95,000 stray dogs in Mumbai.

A BMC official was quoted in reports elaborating on how the designated spaces will assist in curtailing conflict amongst people who feed dogs in open areas. The civic authority is expected to interact with residents and animal rights activists to curate the plan.

On the flip side, accounts claim that certain officials as well as activists believe that finding dedicated areas to feed strays would be arduous in Mumbai because of land constraints. 

It has been reported that civic officers have been told to identify places as dog-feeding spots. BMC officials, however, believe that this is an uphill task in addition to it being a long process. 

Last year, the BMC inoculated 3,493 stray dogs against rabies. This was when a drive was conducted to inoculate stray dogs from September 28 till October 13. In this drive, two teams comprising veterinary health departments were working that included staff and municipal veterinary officials to catch the dogs. Many NGOs in the area also contributed to this drive.

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