Mumbai: BMC proposes to set up a new ward in Malad


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has sent a proposal to the law committee for approval to set up a new ward in Malad.

This development comes after the local representatives and citizens have been demanding a new ward office in the Malad area for many years.

As the existing mechanism is falling short to provide services to citizens, the authorities have proposed a new ward.

At present, the BMC has 24 wards in the city in which the P-North ward falls in Malad west area where the population is 9,59,595.

The civic body’s proposal stated that BMC has decided to bifurcate the P-North ward into two parts i.e. P-North should be divided into P-East and P-West ward while the existing P-North ward should be considered as P-West ward and a new building will be constructed for P-East ward.

It also stated that the corporators from Prabhag number 36 to 45 will come under the P-East ward and 32 to 35 and 46 to 48 will come under the P-West ward. Construction work of the P-North office is going on and it will be used for the P-West ward in the future.

The staff of P-north will be divided into two wards and there is a need to create 17 new posts to run both the offices.

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