Mumbai Coastal Road Project Deemed “Maladaptive” By Climate Change Report


Mumbai’s highly spoken about Coastal Road Project has been named as “maladaptive” by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest report, cited reports.

Released on Monday, February 28, the report states that while the Mumbai Coastal Road Project aims to curtail flood risk and protect sea level rise, will cause damage to inter-tidal fauna and flora as well as local fishing livelihoods.

Since its planning, the coastal road has received flake from not just transport experts, and environmentalists, but also fishermen. The fisherfolk from areas such as Worli Koliwada and Haji Ali have complained about the loss of fishing grounds and damages to inter-tidal flora and fauna.

On the other hand, the IPPC 6th Assessment Report Working Group 11 remarked that Mumbai is second amongst the 20 largest coastal cities that are slated to face considerable economic losses owing to flooding and sea-level rise.

The report even goes on to mention that in Mumbai families on the lower end of the economic spectrum need many repairs to protect them from flood damage. Adding that the total cost of this constitutes a significant portion of their income in contrast to those on the upper end of the spectrum.

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