Mumbai Doctor Saves Life Of An Auto Driver With Oral Cancer


Although many people are aware that tobacco harms their health, they continue using it. A team led by Dr Suhas Aagre, an Oncologist and Hemato-Oncologist at Asian Cancer Institute saved the life of an auto driver based in Mumbai with oral cancer due to tobacco consumption. The patient with symptoms like painful ulcers on the right side of the tongue and unexplained bleeding in the mouth underwent curative treatment for tongue cancer involving removal of tumour and neck glands and resumed his normal routine.

In 2017, Sushil Yadav, a resident of Bandra, Mumbai an auto driver by profession who was 29-year-old panicked as the pain due to ulcers on the right side of the tongue made it difficult for him to eat or swallow. He tried some home remedies but nothing seemed to provide him that much-needed relief. Later, there were episodes of bleeding in the mouth which alarmed the patient. He visited many city-based private hospitals for over 7-8 months but no one could provide an appropriate solution to his problems. In 2018, he was suggested to do a biopsy by a local hospital which confirmed the diagnosis of oral cancer. On seeing the plight of the patient, his relatives referred him to Dr. Suhas Aagre who helped him battle cancer.

Dr Suhas Aagre, Oncologist and Hemato-Oncologist at Asian Cancer Institute, said, “The clinical examination and imaging confirmed the stage I cancer of the right lateral border of the tongue when he visited me in 2018. The patient had a history of chewing tobacco which is a possible cause of his mouth cancer. Tobacco consumption is rising in India among youth in the form of cigarettes, cigars, bidis, and kreteks. Tobacco contains around 93 harmful products such as Nicotine, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, carbon monoxide, cadmium, lead, acrolein, acetaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia phenyl. Cancer of the oesophagus, mouth, throat, head and neck cancers, and pancreas associated with tobacco consumption is a significant economic burden in the country. Around 90% of people with oral cancer are tobacco users.”

Dr Aagre added, “The patient was counselled about the early stage of disease, curative intent, available treatment options, and early need of surgical intervention. He underwent curative treatment for tongue cancer involving the removal of tumour and neck glands. After successful surgery, the patient did not require any further treatment because of early-stage disease in the histopathology report. This patient is on regular follow-up since April 2018 and leading a normal life at present. Early diagnosis proved to be the crucial factor. It is imperative to quit tobacco in all forms to stay healthy and keep various ailments and diseases at bay. Mouth cancer is very treatable if found at an early stage. Many a time mouth cancers are discovered during routine dental examinations or treatments.”

“I was young and chewing tobacco at least 2-4 times a day without my family’s knowledge. It continued doing it from 2005 to 2010. But I stopped in 2010 as I didn’t want my children or other family members to know about my habit and follow me. This made me quit tobacco forever. But my world came crashing down after suffering from mouth cancer. I was shocked as the diagnosis came after quitting tobacco for over 7 years. I was just 29 in 2017, and I would fret by constantly thinking that who will take care of my 3 kids, wife, and parents if something happens to me. I was so worried that I stopped eating and in just 2 months my weight dropped from 58 kgs to 49 kgs. I was petrified to see the tongue ulcers and bleeding from the mouth. I was fortunate to get timely treatment from Dr Aagre. I had to even stop driving auto and somehow managed to gather funds for my treatment. Dr Aagre has saved my life. I am 34 now, weigh 64 kgs and I can eat everything without any difficulty or burning sensation in the mouth. I am leading a healthy life since3 years and have resumed driving an auto. I went for a CT scan in May which didn’t indicate any abnormalities and that was gratifying. Mouth cancer strike at any age so refrain from using tobacco in any form,” concluded the patient.

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