Mumbai: Enjoy The Ramadan Festivity With These Iftaar Delicacies


Mumbaikars now have the opportunity to break their Ramadan fast with delectable home delivery and dine-in special Iftaari and Suhoor menu by ITC Hotels (ITC Maratha and ITC Grand Central).

The quintessential and revered venue is offering an Iftaar menu that is the perfect combination of traditional meals and contemporary takes on signature dishes.

Their special offerings which are available from April 2 to May 3, 2022, include the “Ruhaniyat” edition of their Gourmet Couch, Biryani and Pulao Collection as well as treats from Nutmeg- The Gourmet Shop.

Mumbai Live tasted some of its offerings and brings to you what you can anticipate from this elaborate meal.

What To Expect?

If you order your meal at home, you’ll receive carefully packed aesthetic boxes that help preserve your meal with no spillage. Upon opening the boxes, you will be greeted with a scintillating aroma that will definitely make your taste buds tingle.

What’s On The Menu?

  • “Ruhaniyat” by Gourmet Couch is available from 4.30 pm to 11.30 pm and includes 10 delights.

Start your meal with the “Seekh Gilafi Dum Pukht” which is a minced chicken kebab that has a juicy interior that surprises you with some crunchiness with tomatoes and capsicum. Take this forward with the melt-in-your-mouth, “Galouti Kebab” that has the perfect smoky and spicy taste.

Shift to the mains with the “Murgh Handi Qorma”, a heavenly combination of chicken gravy, perfumed with saffron. To add to this is the “Shahi Nehari”, which entails tender pieces of lamb spiked with aromatic herbs. Later, turn your focus towards the “Haleem” which is slow-cooked lamb and lentils that hits you with a range of tastes, making you instantly go for another bite.

These dishes are accompanied by the “Dal Bukhara”, overnight cooked creamy black lentils, “Mirchi Baingan Ka Salan” (baby eggplants in tamarind gravy), and “Laccha Paratha” which is a perfectly layered tandoor bread.

The box also includes “Laccha Pyaaz”, mint chutney, dates and B Natural Juice.

You near the end of the meal with the “Bibi Ka Murgh Pulao”. This tingling spring chicken pulao is the perfect blend of spices and onion.

The scrumptious box comes to a sweet end with the “Seviyon Ka Muzzafar”, which was a classic dessert induced with saffron and nuts.

  • “Ruhaniyat” by Biryani and Pulao Collection is available from 11.30 pm until midnight. Customers can pick from either one chicken and one mutton delicacy or two chicken and two mutton delicacies.

Mumbai Live complimented the “Serai Ki Biryani“, a robust flavour of onions, mutton and spices with the “Anar Kheera Raita” (a pomegranate and cucumber raita). The addition of “Gulab Jamun”, garnished with pistachios and cardamom, offers a terrific end.

  • “Nutmeg, The Gourmet Shops” confections can be bought from 11 am till 9 pm.

The box included a variety of flavours that ensures to appease all. From its “Tahini & Rose Halva”, “Almond & Saffron Ashrafi” to “Chocolate dipped Dates with Cashew Marzipan”, “Apricot & Pumpkin Seed Nankhatai” as well as “Jamun & Blackberry Halva” and “Walnut & Orange Blossom Kunafa”, you will not be a dearth of flavours.

Standout Dishes

The clear winner for us was the “Galouti Kebab”. Apart from melting in your mouth, the spiced kebab tasted impeccable with the chutney. The “Haleem” too was impeccable with its garnishing of fried onions, lemons and mint that made us want more. 

Value For Money

With ample portions, a meal for two will do justice to four. Slightly towards the dearer side, if splurging for a special meal is something you don’t mind, ordering this gourmet box will lift your festive mood.

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