Mumbai Is Well Equipped With Effective Healthcare Solutions: Aeromedical Transportation Company


Air Rescuers World Wide is a full-service, specialized aeromedical a transportation company that provides emergency bed-to-bed and non-emergency air ambulance service, medical escort services and commercial stretchers all over India and internationally.

In a conversation with Mumbai Live, Spokesperson Dr. Sanjay – Founder & Director – Air Rescuers World Wide shares their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and what the condition would be if the fourth wave hits India.

How did Air Rescuers World Wide help and save the lives of COVID-19 patients during the pandemic?

We at Air Rescuers had installed isolation pods in our air ambulances and were following all the protocols and fumigation. We also arranged all the permissions from District Magistrate.

In aggregate, we were able to transfer more than 850 patients during the first and second waves of coronavirus. To cite one example, we transferred a 59-year-old COVID-19 patient from Kolkata to Chennai in our air ambulance during the second wave.

Could you through more light on the Air Ambulances services in Mumbai?

The Air ambulance services in Mumbai are quite commendable and unparalleled. Mumbai is a hi-tech metropolitan city where a broad spectrum of treatments is viable and conceivable. Generally, as per the industry insights, out of all the domestic transfers, only 10 per cent to 15 per cent of transfers are from Mumbai as the city itself is well equipped with effective healthcare solutions.

Further broaching the topic of coronavirus, what’s your take on speculations of a fourth wave hitting India?

With what we are seeing, we speculate that the cases are going to skyrocket in the upcoming months as the restrictions and norms regarding the COVID-19 pandemic are being withdrawn. This will lead to obliviousness amid the population and consequently lead to the hysteria of the fourth wave. But considering the uncertainties, it’s still unsure to claim the forthcoming fourth wave. We need reliable data and facts to make any judgment or prediction.

How have Air Rescuers World Wide prepared for the fourth wave?

We are occupied with the required workforce, aircraft, doctors, isolation pods, and oxygen cylinders as per our forecast for the situation of the fourth wave. We are all set to rescue as many patients domestically as well as internationally.

Lastly, what are the protection measures that citizens could take to protect themselves from the fourth wave?

Regardless of the rules, citizens should wear masks as a responsibility to break the chain and cease the number of cases. Wearing a mask and using sanitiser frequently will dilute the gravity of the scenario. We can preclude this problem in unity by following all the precautions as responsible citizens.

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