Mumbai: Leopard Sighted In Goregaon’s Gokuldham Area


According to the latest reports, the forest department has requested citizens to not panic after a CCTV camera captured a leopard roaming in the Gokuldham area in Goregaon East in Mumbai. It has been reported that the radio-collared leopard was identified by the forest department and is being monitored.

Based on accounts, G Mallikarjuna, Director, Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) elaborated on how they have come across CCTV footage of a leopard roaming freely in the building premises in Goregaon East’s Gokuldham.

Mallikarjuna added that the animal is one of the radio-collared leopard C33- Delta. Further, he remarked that the forest department, as well as a team of researchers, are constantly monitoring its activity, therefore there is nothing to panic about.

Mallikarjuna further elucidated that the forest department teams have been told to undertake patrolling in the area and to create awareness. Thus, all have been asked to cooperate with the forest department, mentioned narratives.

In accordance with reports, the C-33 Delta was captured from Aarey Milk Colony in September 2021 when leopard attacks had augmented. Then it was radio-collared and released since it was not responsible for the attacks on humans.

It is believed that this isn’t the first leopard sighting in Gokuldham, with reports of wild animal coming into the residential areas looking to prey on street dogs.

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