Mumbai Local News: 14 hours infrastructure block on Down fast line between Thane-Diva section


Central Railways will operate 14 hours infrastructure block on Dn fast line between Thane and Diva stations including two hours infrastructure block on Up fast line between Thane-Diva stations for carrying out cut and connection of old redundant slow line with existing fast lines and commissioning of crossovers in connection with Thane-Diva 5th and 6th lines.

The block will be operated for 14 hours on Dn fast line from 01.20 am on January 23 to 3.20 pm on January 23 and for two hours on the Up fast line from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm on Sunday. During the block period, trains will run on UP and DN slow lines between Diva-Thane.

Train running pattern just before starting of block:

  • Dn fast suburban/mail/express trains departing from Dadar after 11.40 pm on January 22 till 02.00 am on January 23 will be diverted from Matunga to Kalyan on the down slow line. Dn Mail/Express trains will not halt at Thane station.
  • 11003 Dadar-Sawantwadi Road Tutari Express will go on proper Dn fast line without diversion and with its proper halts.
  • Dn mail/express Kalyan bound trains departing from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus after 00.00 am (after midnight) of January 23 will be diverted from Mulund to Kalyan on Dn slow line and will not halt at Thane station.

Train running pattern after starting of block:

  • Dn suburban/mail/express trains leaving Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Dadar and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus from 02.00 am of January 23 till completion of the block will be diverted on Dn slow line between Mulund and Kalyan. Kalyan bound Dn mail/ express trains will not halt at Thane station. Thane passengers are permitted to board their respective trains from Dadar and Kalyan stations.
  • Konkan bound Down mail exp trains will halt and run via Platform no. 7 at Thane.
  • After the block, Kalyan bound Dn fast locals /mail exp trains will run via Thane PF no.5 on Dn fast new alignment running through Kalwa and Mumbra stations in Thane –Diva section.
  • After the block, Dn trains leaving CSMT / Dadar/ LTT towards Panvel arriving via Dn fast line or 5th line will arrive on platform no.7 at Thane and go via new 5th line (erstwhile Dn fast line) through Parsik Tunnel

Cancellation of Express trains Journey Commencing on January 22

  • 17618 Nanded-Mumbai Tapovan Express
  • 11030 Kolhapur-Mumbai Koyna Express
  • 12140 Nagpur-Mumbai Sewagram Express

Cancellation of Express trains Journey Commencing on January 23

  • 22105 / 22106 Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai Indrayani Express
  • 22119 / 22120 Mumbai-Karmali-Mumbai Tejas Express
  • 11007 / 11008 Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai Deccan Express
  • 17617 Mumbai-Nanded Tapovan Express
  • 12071 / 12072 Mumbai-Jalna-Mumbai Janshatabdi Express
  • 11029 Mumbai-Kolhapur Koyna Express
  • 12139 Mumbai-Nagpur Sewagram Express

Short termination of Express trains at Panvel

  • 16346 Thiruvananthapuram-LTT Netravati Express JCO January 21
  • 12052 Madgaon-Mumbai Janshatabdi Express JCO January 22
  • 10112 Madgaon-Mumbai Konkan Kanya Express JCO January 22

Short Origination of Express trains from Panvel

  • 16345 LTT-Thiruvananthapuram Netravati Express JCO January 23
  • 12051 Mumbai-Madgaon Janshatabdi Express JCO January 23
  • 10103 Mumbai-Madgaon Mandovi Express JCO January 23

Passengers are requested to bear with the Railway Administration for the inconvenience caused due to this infrastructure block.

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