Mumbai Local News: 24-Year-Old Succumbed To Severe Burn Injuries After Touching Overhead Wire


In a ghastly incident, a 24-year-old man succumbed to severe burn injuries after he touched the overhead wire of Mumbai local trains.

The incident took place on Monday, August 1, at Chunabhatti railway station. However, the deceased was not identified until Wednesday, August 3, since the man’s wallet and clothes were charred.

It came to light after the victim’s parents reached the police station, as he had not returned home. They were taken to the hospital where they identified the victim after seeing his birth marks on the body.

According to reports, the victim has been identified as Ibadullah Khan, who was travelling on the roof of a local train when he accidently touched the overheard wire and suffered severe burns.

Wadala Government Railway Police (GRP) officers said that Khan, a resident of Sewri, had left his house on Monday evening without informing anyone where he was going. At 5.45 pm after the incident was reported, the train was halted and the power supply was disconnected so that the victim could be rescued.

When the police officers climbed on the rooftop, they found Khan stuck to the overhead wire. The victim was brought down and sent to Sion Hospital, where he was admitted with over 90% burns.

The officers said it appeared that the man was travelling on the rooftop for fun. Travelling on rooftops is a stunt which youngsters perform for fun, though railways make announcements about the high voltage (25 kV/50 Hz) overhead wires, and that travelling on rooftops could be fatal, an officer from Wadala GRP added.

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