Mumbai Local News: WR, CR To Install Upgraded CCTVs


The Central Railways (CR) and Western Railways (WR) are set to install upgraded Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) inside and outside the motorman cabin of the local trains.

This move by railways come in order to make local train journeys safer in the city and to keep an eye on untoward incidents such as stone-pelting.

According to reports, the installation of the systems on the local train will be done at a cost of ₹2 crores and is approved by the railway ministry. In addition, this provision of visual systems in local trains has also been included in the union budget.

Initially, when the systems were introduced on a pilot basis, it captured untoward incidents including stone-pelting. Also, it helped the RPF to identify the perpetrators. Therefore, the railways have decided to introduce the advanced CCTV recording systems on all local trains across CR and WR.

The cameras will record the footage of the local trains during their operation to monitor incidents like rail fracture, derailment, stone-pelting, etc. which can be later used by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) for investigation.

Besides, the system will also capture details in an event of derailment of a local train or train passing a red signal (indicates motorman to stop local train) also termed as Signal Passed At Danger (SPAD) in railway terminology. The system will also record movement and action taken by the motorman during an event of derailment or SPAD.

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