Mumbai: MFB To Add 2 Snorkels Amid An Alarming Rise In Fire Incidents


The Mumbai Fire Brigade has announced that it will soon incorporate two snorkels in its armoury to fight the blazes in high-rise buildings. According to reports, 70-metre and 52-metre snorkels will be procured from Finland by the end of this month. The new snorkel of 70 metres can scale up to 21 floors.

This development comes in the wake of an alarming rise fire incident across the city. According to reports, three fire incidents took place this week so far.

As per BMC, any building with a height of 30 metres (nine floors) can be categorised as a high-rise. There are over 8,000 high-rise buildings in the city, where carrying out firefighting and rescue operations is always cumbersome and difficult. However, it is found that the firefighting equipment in many high-rise buildings is non-functional. Therefore, snorkel gives an advantage while saving lives in case of a fire incident or any other disaster.

If reports are to be believed, Mumbai fire brigade has 20 aerial ladders, turntable ladders and hydraulic platforms. Its fleet consists of 27mt, 37mt, 55mt, 70mt, 81mt and 90mt snorkels. The 90mt snorkel was added to MFB’s fleet in 2015, and can scale up to 30 floors; it has a turntable ladder and elevated water pumps to conduct firefighting and rescue operations.

It has 90mt and 81mt snorkels in Borivali commanding centre, 30mt at Vikhroli and 37mt at Marol, said an official.

On Wednesday, May 18, a fire broke out at Indian Corporation Complex in Bhiwandi at 7:37 am. Meanwhile, two such incidents took place on Monday, May 16, itself as a blazes were reported in Dongri and another in Kala Ghoda.

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