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Central Railways (CR) has saved net savings of INR 87.77 Crores on expenditure on Diesel by adopting Head On Generation (HOG) power supply system during the current year from April 2021 to February 2022.

With technological up-gradation and continuous advancements in the field of power electronics, control system and power supply systems, Indian Railways decided to adopt an energy efficient power supply system for power supply to coaches referred to as Head on Generation for Mail/Express trains presently running of ‘End On Generation’ (EOG) system.

In HOG technology, power is fed from the 3-phase electric locomotive which draw the power directly from electric traction through pantograph, to meet the power supply requirements in the coaches of Mail Express trains i.e air conditioners, electric bulbs fans and pantry etc.

The LHB type coaches are best suited for adoption of HOG technology. As on date Central Railway has the holding of 75 LHB rakes with 1665 LHB coaches and all of which are HOG compliant. Thereby Central Railway saves to the tune of INR 87.77 crores on account of expenditure on diesel consumption during the current year from April 2021 to February 2022.

Benefits of HOG Technology:

• Huge financial savings in terms of reduction in Diesel consumption in power cars.
• Reduction in air Pollution
• Reduction in noise pollution due to removal of generator cars
• Increase in passenger carrying capacity by attaching passenger coach in place of power car, thereby increase in passenger revenue.
• Carbon credits earnings- carbon credits can be earned by not emitting the carbon dioxide through burning of high speed diesel into the environment.
• Better reliability due to reduced number of generating equipment, low maintenance etc.

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