Mumbai: Now, Prices Of Tomato Breach INR 100 In Parts Of City


According to a latest development, it has come to light that now the prices of tomatoes in retail market have breached the INR 100-mark.

The retail price of 1 kg of tomatoes crossed a century in Pali Market Bandra, Matunga, Mulund and Byculla, as well as on online stores.

Meanwhile, in the western suburbs in Khar, Andheri Lokhandwala and Mahalaxmi, the rate swung between INR 80 for the small yellow variety. Whereas the redder tomatoes are being sold for INR 90 per kg.

The vendors have attributed the rise in prices to the shortage of crops due to multiple factors such as heatwave across Maharashtra, heavy rain and sweeping cold had spoilt the Bengaluru harvest.

Mumbai is receiving tomato from Rajasthan, so naturally transport costs increase proportionately, said marketers.

Besides, reports have stated that the wholesale rate in APMC Vashi is INR 50-65 per kg. The local harvest of tomatoes from Satara and Narayangaon is being purchased by traders across the country, leading to a shortfall here, APMC director. 

This implies that retail rates will also stay until June 6. Moreover, this price escalation has evoked anger and upset among families that are already struggling to keep their heads above water amid a vortex of inflation.

In another upward swing, prices of potato, normally stable at INR 24-25 per kilo yearlong, are inching up to INR 30-35. Onion has regularised at INR 25 per kg.

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