Mumbai Parking Authority Could Soon Be Transformed Into An Independent Department


The Mumbai Parking Authority (MPA) which functions as a technical committee under the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) could be transformed into an independent department with the responsibility of providing convenient as well as affordable solutions to motorists, reported the Hindustan Times. 

According to the report, the BMC has undertaken the decision to send a proposal to the Maharashtra government to bring the MPA within its administrative purview. The account adds that the civic body has also proposed the MPA with an objective to establish India‘s first exclusive body to oversee and strengthen Mumbai’s parking infrastructure. 

Based on the account, the final draft of the administrative set-up of the MPA will be sent to the urban development department after which it will be tabled for approval in the monsoon session of the assembly. It has been reported that presently, the MPA is constituted of urban planners appointed on a contractual basis.

The narrative suggests that last year the BMC’s standing committee had cleared the proposal of forming the authority. Officials believe that prominent aspects would include mapping Mumbai’s available spaces, curating a legal framework, undertaking a ward-wise survey and deciding the parking fees and fines. The BMC is reportedly also considering enforcing smart parking management strategies.

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