Mumbai Police 30 high-end SUVs, including 10 bulletproof vehicles, to escort VVIPs


The Mumbai Police has proposed to procure 30 high-end sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to ensure security to VVIPs visiting the city.

Of the total vehicles, the police have sought 10 bulletproof Toyota Fortuners along with 20 regular Toyota Fortuners to accompany the bulletproof ones.

These 10 vehicles will also be available for VVIP movement anywhere in the state, sources said. Accordingly, there will be no scrambling for bulletproof vehicles every time a VVIP visits the city.

The VVIPs include those who enjoy Z+ security include the President of India, Governor of the state, CM, Deputy CM, foreign dignitaries and some private individuals.

Mumbai Police has three bulletproof vehicles that are to be used for Z+ protectees. Usually, these three are used for CM, Deputy CM and Governor. The fourth vehicle is kept on standby at Nagpur.

Therefore, considering this shortage, the Mumbai Police also submitted a proposal to procure bulletproof vehicles of their own after it came to light that the DGP office too was in the process of seeking a nod for bulletproof vehicles.

The proposal, which is pending with the home department at Mantralaya, is under consideration and is likely to be cleared soon.

Meanwhile, if reports are to be believed, a proposal to replace the existing bulletproof vehicles was submitted in 2011-12, but it was not accepted.

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