Mumbai Rains Update: IMD Forecasts Heavy Spells For Next Few Days – Details Here


While Mumbai rains were subdued during the last two days, it has seen a gradual rise today since afternoon, July 4.

Moreover, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall at isolated places for the next few days.

As per weather department, around July 7, rains will increase further as the low pressure area which has formed over the eastern parts will gradually move towards the central regions and come closer to Mumbai.

In an official statement, it also stated that between July 7 and 9, heavy showers will see an increase to quite an extent. Heavy to very heavy rains may be seen during this period with showers peaking on July 8 and 9.

Besides, in a welcoming start for showers in July with Santa Cruz recording 316 mm of rains. The city has so far surpassed 1000 mm mark. Mumbai’s highest ever was seen in 2020 at 1503.6 mm for July.

Meanwhile, according to IMD Mumbai, from June 1 the Colaba observatory recorded a total rainfall of 641.2 mm, while the Santacruz observatory recorded a total rainfall of 608.3 mm.

Also, a low tide of 1.79 metre is likely to occur at 9.36 pm today.

Not only Mumbai, the weather department has forecast moderate to heavy rains across Maharashtra and heavy to very heavy showers at isolated for the next five days.

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