Mumbai: Teenager Commits Suicide In Front Of Train Due To Alleged Academic Pressure By Parents


According to the latest reports, on Wednesday, June 8, a teenager was killed after he jumped in front of a train between Kandivali and Malad railway stations. The boy reportedly left a suicide note mentioning that he was being pressurized by his family to concentrate on his academics and that he had suicidal thoughts for the past two years. 

Based on accounts, the teenager went missing on Wednesday evening after which his father went to the police station where a kidnapping case was registered in accordance with the Supreme Court guidelines on missing children. 

Narratives suggest that in the one-page suicide note in English, the boy claimed to have faced constant pressure from his parents to study. He alleged that eight hours of the study was not enough for them. He added that he had suicidal thoughts when he was in the eighth grade and considered using a knife to hurt himself. 

It has been reported that the student recently sat for the SSC examinations. Moreover, his parents apprised the police that their son was addicted to his mobile and played video games. They added that he would get angry if they asked him to focus on his academics. 

A police officer has been quoted in accounts elucidating that a case has not been filed against the parents since they would not intend to harm their child. 

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