Mumbai: “This” Hospital Launches Dedicated Department For Managing All Cancer Types


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to innumerable challenges for cancer patients across the country. Cancer care services are disrupted leading to delayed treatment and increased mortality rates. India is home to millions of cancer patients. Certain factors such as age, family history, tobacco, alcohol, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and pollution contribute to the increase in cancers.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), there will be an estimated 12 % rise in cancer cases in India in the next five years. But, a majority of people do not have access to quality diagnosis and care. To bridge the accessibility gap, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital, Chembur started this comprehensive oncology department for cancer patients.

To bridge the accessibility gap, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital started this comprehensive oncology department for cancer patients. This 11-bed oncology department was launched by actor, film director, screenwriter, and producer Mahesh Manjrekar in the presence of Dr Roy Patankar, Director, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital, Dr Nilesh Lokeshwar, Medical Oncologist, Dr Adwait Gore, Medical Oncologist, Dr Vaishali Roy Patankar, and Dr Tanveer Abdul Majeed, Surgical Oncologist.

Dr Roy Patankar Director, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital, Chembur said, “India is battling cancer for a long time and now pandemic has further worsened the scenario. Coronavirus has affected oncology care in India and across the world. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are key in tackling cancer. Diagnosis can be delayed as screening programs have been decreased or suspended. The dedicated oncology department aims to provide safe and precision-oriented care through the patient-centric approach.”

Actor, director, and film producer Mahesh Manjrekar said, “Smoking, pesticides, lifestyle choices, and poor air quality can lead to cancer. I was thinking, I have an overactive bladder. But, one day I got to know that I have bladder cancer. After detection, instead of fretting, I was thinking about what I can do to beat cancer as I spotted blood in the urine and was alarmed. I took four cycles of chemotherapy, also underwent surgery. I was well-prepared for side effects, but I didn’t have any discomfort at all. I am fortunate to get good treatment with the help of experts. Now, I am cancer-free.”

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